Career Skills Module: Project Management

Part I 

  • ORG 101: Managing Organizations (3 credits): This course provides an introduction to the management of organizations. Students will learn about organizational structures, the history of management, and the tasks, roles, and responsibilities of managers. Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the management process will also be discussed. Critical and ethical thinking will be emphasized throughout this course.


  • CMPT 309: Project Management (3 credits): A fundamental comprehension of managing technical projects being necessary for today’s modern IT professionals, this course examines the project management discipline with a focus on technical, information based, and computer programming related project topics. Students will learn project management techniques and how to create usable project documentation. They will practice oral presentation skills used for providing stakeholders with status updates, collaboration skills for use in team settings, and perform project management tasks with a model project. Topics will also include the study of risk identification, management, and mitigation, critical thinking and problem solving. Students who complete the class will understand project management tools and their use, project management certifications that are available to be attained, and comprehend the role project management plays in the IT/IS industry.


  • ORG 302: Behaviors in Organizations (3 credits): The field of organizational behavior explores the operations, human resources, and communication styles within business, community, and other types of organizations. This course provides a foundation for understanding organizational behavior at the individual, group, and organizational level. Students will examine current research, various theories, models, and contemporary issues in the field to understand better the way that organizations work or don’t work. Collaborative learning through the application of theory to real-life organizations will be emphasized in this course.



(Prerequisite: Project Management Career Skills Module: Part I)