Fall 2018 Online Courses

Students taking online courses are required to participate in a mandatory iLearn orientation.

Schedules will be posted soon.  Please contact your advisor if you have questions.


Fall 1: 8-Week: August 28 - October 19, 2018

Course                                                   Title
COM270L741 Organizational Com
COM 302L741 Persuasion
CMPT 300L741 Management Information Systems
ENSC 101L741 Intro to Environmental Issues
INTD 105L741 Perspectives on Education
INTD 477L741 Capping
ORG 301N741 Managing Human Resources
ORG 202N741 Global Issues in Bus & Society
PSYC 317L741 Child Development


Fall 2: 8-Week: October 22 - December 14, 2018 

Course                                                 Title
COM 203L741 Interpersonal Com
CMPT 309L758 Project Management
ORG 302N741 Behaviors in Organizations
ORG 322N741 Leadership in the Global Workplace
PHIL 103L741 World Views and Values
PSYC 385L741 Industrial Psyc