Portfolio Review

In cases where non-traditional learning hasn’t been measured by a standardized test or the review of the American Council on Education, students can submit documentation demonstrating such knowledge.

  • Life Work Review: when the knowledge and experience has a direct correlation to a Marist College course in the catalog.
  • Portfolio Review: when the knowledge and experience does NOT have a direct correlation to a Marist College course, but merits academic credit. 

This knowledge and experience can come from professional or community involvement.   Students are asked to submit documentation and materials to demonstrate this experiential learning.  The material is then reviewed and evaluated by the appropriate faculty member for credit. 

 Fees for Life Work Review:

  • 1 and 2 credits: $200
  • 3 credits: $300
  • 4 credits: $400

 Fees for Portfolio Review

  • $400 per submission

Please note:  All fees are collected prior to or at the time of submission.

  Pre-requisites for Life Work and Portfolio Review:


In the event of a submission not meeting approval, students are allowed a one-time re-submission at no additional cost if the following conditions are met:

  • Re-submission occurs within 6 months of original submission
  • Re-submission does not require review from a new faculty expert
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