Starting Fall 2017 - Professional Studies Major

     Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, the name of the major designed for adult undergraduate degree completion at Marist College has been changed from “Liberal Studies” to “Professional Studies”.

     This marks the formal introduction of a process that began a year earlier with the submission of the request for approval of this change with the New York State Education Department. In March 2017, the School of Professional Programs (SPP) announced that the New York State Education Department had approved our application to change the name of the adult undergraduate degree completion major from Liberal Studies to Professional Studies. The plans by SPP to apply for this change in name had been shared with our students and stakeholders many months earlier.

     We would like to share an explanation of what this name change means for current students. It is important to note that any student accepted into the major before the Fall 2017 semester may choose to retain the original name of the major for their academic enrollment and eventual graduation. Any student who is currently enrolled in the Liberal Studies major may request to change to the new name as long as he or she will not be graduating during the term that the request for change is submitted. Accordingly, a student slated to graduate at the end of the Fall 2017 semester will graduate with the Liberal Studies major. For any student slated to graduate after the Fall 2017 semester and who would like to graduate with a major in Professional Studies, it is in your best interest to change the major (name) by the end of October 2017.


 Students wishing to change the name of the major should do the following:

  • Complete the Change of Major Form and submit the completed form to Kristine Cullen, Assistant Dean in the School of Professional Programs at
  • Use the attached Change of Major Form with the details already included.  Only your personal information needs to be added (Name, CWID, Student Signature, Date, Marist Email Address and Cell Phone Number).
  • The School of Professional Programs will process the form and send it to Registrar's Office for you.
  • You will be able to see the updated major on your student information in Self Service Banner.

Please feel free to address any questions you have regarding the name change with your advisor.