Brian Main

Brian Main is a senior from Queens, New York. Brian double majors in Computer Science concentrating in Game Studies, and Applied Mathematics in the Computer Science track. Brian is an active member of the Marist College Band, being involved in the national honorary band sorority Tau Beta Sigma and partaking in various ensembles and symphonic bands, and has been an Orientation Leader for three years. Brian has been a part of several other activities such as Game Society, the LGSA Alliance, and intramural dodgeball; however, he has downscaled these pursuits as his senior-year studies have increased.

Why did you decide to come to Marist College?

When I was first looking at colleges, I did a college search for schools within 200 miles and with Computer Science. My dad said, “Hey, let’s go to Marist first,” and the funny thing is, whenever I went to another college after, I began comparing it to Marist and started thinking, “This is not like Marist; can I just go back there?”

How are you able to do so many different activities on campus?

I try to do as much as possible when something intrigues me. When I started freshman year, I began trying to find new people, new friends, and determine what I like. I stayed with certain activities and left others in order to keep up my grades and have a balanced social life.

How has Marist helped you prepare for the real world?

Marist is very interesting in the fact that it has a close relationship with IBM. I have already confirmed since the summer a job position with them. The relationship has certainly helped me with the technical skills I need, but also how to be the person that thinks of a question no one has yet asked. 

Written by Gregory Rycharski ‘16

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