Parker Rennels

Parker Rennels is a Math-Adolescent Education major who is minoring in History. During his time at Marist, he has moved from Connecticut to Medina, Ohio and is captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team here at Marist.

How did you know Marist was right for you?

When I started researching schools, Marist just felt like a great place. And then when I visited for the first time, I knew it was the right place. After that, I didn't really research any other schools; I had no desire to go anywhere else.

Did your classes help prepare you to become a math teacher?

Marist is helping tremendously with preparing me for my career path; the Math department is excellent and filled with great professors. The Education department requires students to do many hours of observations and student teaching before recommending certification, so after we leave this program we are more than qualified to be teachers.

How has being captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team impacted your time at Marist?

It’s a lot of work being in charge of an active club team, but it’s extremely rewarding and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I loved being on the team and I’m going to miss it so much—that and living with my best friends; it’s something you probably only get to do once in your life.

Any advice for incoming freshmen?

Find something you really like and get into it; find that thing you love to do. That way when you’re a senior, you can have a good excuse to procrastinate doing your work by doing this other thing that you love to do.

Written by Emily Belfiore '16

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