Erik Nilsson

Erik Nilsson is a Business major with a concentration in Marketing from New Hartford, Connecticut. Erik transferred to Marist from Syracuse University in the spring semester of his freshman year in 2013. Throughout his time at Marist, Erik has been involved in several clubs, become a brand ambassador for Mporium (Marist’s student-run fashion boutique), and worked as a Tour Guide and a Greeter for the Admissions Office.

What influenced your decision to leave Syracuse University?

I had a lot of fun that first semester, but it was just too big of a school for me. I’m from a small town in Connecticut and I wasn’t used to having 300 students in a lecture class. I felt like just a number there and that mindset hindered my learning experience.

There are a lot of colleges out there, what drew you to Marist?

When I wanted to transfer, I definitely knew that I wanted to stay within a four-hour radius from home. Also, Marist is a small school, but it’s still very well-known. People outside of Poughkeepsie are familiar with Marist; the name has a very big impact.

When did you realize that you had finally found the right school for you?

At the end of my first semester at Marist when I applied for the Ambassador Program through Admissions. I guess knowing that there was a place for me with the Ambassador Program made me feel like I had a real reason to stay. They were so helpful when I was still trying to get the hang of everything; they were so welcoming and inviting. They wanted to hear my story and they helped me realize that I could help other students that were going through the same thing I was.

Any advice for college students considering a transfer to Marist?

It’s going to be difficult that first semester. Take it day by day; one day might be better or worse than the last one. You have to accept that going into it, but then remember that it will get better and soon enough, Marist will feel like home.


Written by Emily Belfiore '16

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