Emily Belfiore

Emily Belfiore is a senior from Westbury, New York who majors in Communication with a concentration in Journalism. She is the Arts & Entertainment editor for The Circle and has a deep passion for pop culture and entertainment news. She studied abroad in London for the Spring 2015 semester, where she also had the opportunity to intern with Absolutely Magazines through FIE and Marist.

How did you know that Marist was the one?
When I was looking at different schools, it was important for me to go to a college that was close to home and had small class sizes. Marist had both of those things, plus, a beautiful riverfront view. When I visited, I got a friendly vibe from the campus almost immediately and could see myself fitting in with the students.

Do you recommend studying abroad?
Definitely. Going to London for a semester honestly changed my life; I am so much more mature personally and professionally. Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in an amazing culture and get out of my comfort zone.

What do you want to do after college?
I hope to write for an entertainment magazine, either in print or online. I’ve always been interested in entertainment news and love sharing it with people. My dream job would be working for People Magazine or Buzzfeed, somewhere that allows me to be immersed in the popular culture in a fun and upbeat way.

Any advice for incoming students?
Don’t be shy! Making the transition from high schooler to a college student is tough at first, but you’ll quickly find that being a college student is so much better. You have the opportunity to meet new people, try new things and learn so much; don’t let being shy or scared get in the way of that! 

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