Piradon Liengtiraphan

Piradon "Tien" Liengtiraphan is a Computer Science major and international student from Bangkok, Thailand. He came to Marist to study computer science within Marist’s renowned program and IBM partnership, where he currently works as a Research Assistant and Developer. Last fall, at IBM’s 2016 TechConnect competition, Tien and his group won an award for their CyberSecurity project.

What was the most important thing you learned from your recent experience at TechConnect?
Work well with others, because nothing you can do alone can't be done better with more minds and ideas. To quote one of my favorite characters: "He who stands with me shall be my brother/sister..." The meaning of this quote if that it doesn't matter where you are from, or if you have different ideas, so long as you are able to put them aside for the sake of the assignment and/or project, then eventually you will learn to tolerate and if not enjoy each other's company. The world of technology is ever expanding and there is no way to always stay at the forefront, but that doesn't mean one cannot try. Keep learning and developing your ideas, and perhaps eventually they might culminate in something bigger than just you.

How did you choose this major and specifically the program at Marist?
In short, technology was an interest to me because of my lack-there-of growing up. To make up for lost time per-say, I chose a major in Computer Science. I chose Marist due to its renown in the field of Computer Science and its close partnership with IBM. However, I will not deny another contributing factor to why I chose Marist was because of the amazing scholarship they offered me, by coming to Marist I not only had the chance to obtain a complete and well-rounded education in the field of Computer Science but also alleviate some of the burdens that my parents have to handle when concerning our family's education.

What advice would you give to incoming students interested in technology and computer science?
Ask not "What if?" Ask "How can I help?" One would be surprised at what opportunities present themselves when this simple question is asked. If you are interested in something, the best way to learn if it is truly what you want to do is to jump in head first. Make sure you try, try until you fall down from exhaustion or frustration, but get up and keep trying even if you have to claw your way to your goal. Finally, grieve over your failures, but do not let it consume you, learn from them and take heart knowing you are more knowledgeable because you have made them.

Written by Sarah Gabrielli '18


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