Gina Rose Sirico

Gina Rose Sirico is a member of Marist's online MA in Integrated Marketing Communication Class of 2016. She lives in Souther Maine and is employed by L.L.Bean as a Senior Manager of Customer Satisfaction. She received a B.A. in Communications, Journalism, and Advertising from Marist in 2013 and is currently employed by Sikorsky Aircraft as an Event Planner and Executive Assistant for the Combat Rescue Helicopter Program (CRH).   

Tell us about your work history before Marist, including years of experience, industry, companies, and positions. 
My first job upon graduation from Marist as an undergrad was as Fashion Market Editor for Accessories magazine in NYC. I worked there for a year before deciding to change directions and industries to get more corporate experience. Prior to that, I’ve had many internships including NBC New York where I received an Emmy Nomination for my video profile piece with Gabe Pressman, Hudson Valley Magazine, Milford Living Magazine, among others.

What are your career goals? 
My goal would be to transition into Sikorsky’s marketing department and continue to grow with the company. I also want to continue my freelance work as an IMC consultant to local businesses.

Why did you choose to pursue your degree at Marist? 
I chose Marist for the IMC program because it was one of the only schools offering such an advanced degree in the new field of study. I wanted an all-inclusive program, not just a marketing or communications masters; the IMC program allows me to see the whole picture and get a broader knowledge of the ever-changing industry. Since I had an amazing undergraduate experience at the college, I wanted to continue my education at a school I know and trust. Marist also offered the part-time online option, which was the best graduate study experience for me.

Tell us about a project or course that was particularly meaningful to your professional development. 
I completed a SWOT analysis of my company for an assignment in Marketing Foundations and it helped me see the current IMC strategies and what we can improve on. The assignment also allowed me to reach out to the Director of Marketing at the company and interview him on his thoughts. Developing this professional connection is great for advice and mentoring. It will help me in the future to have this connection when I wish to transition into that department.

How has a degree from Marist and your course work enhanced your career? 
My course work allows me to be more engaged in marketing decisions in my current role when I attend meetings on our program’s marketing and any communications I engage in with the team. I will be responsible for updating the plasma screens for our program, essentially a “news channel” announcing company and program updates for employees.

My current course work in IMC helps me think about my company’s IMC strategies and what they can improve on. My IMC degree from Marist has helped me focus my career goals even more, in that I truly care about the subject matter and want to use everything I have learned in my next position with the company. 

What advice would you give to a student considering pursuing their master’s degree at Marist? 
If you don’t think you have time, part-time is really a great option, especially for an online degree.  There are due dates, but you can manage your time wisely and get everything done. I plan my time to allow for days off as a reward for completing something early. Group work is a challenge, but communication is key. As long as everyone knows their role in the group and you have regular online meetings before an assignment is due, it can be done well. You can still have a life outside of work while completing your degree! Take one class at a time, one assignment at a time and the courses fly by!

If you took an online class or had online learning as part of a regular course, tell us about your experiences – any tips or suggestions to pass along to future students? 
Check iLearn regularly! Professors often post important announcements, and everything you need for the course is there on your course site. Participating in forums helps to get to know other online students. Chat rooms also let you interact with group members and classmates real time. Set aside time to be online and free of distractions for any timed quizzes or exams. It’s like being in a classroom, only on your computer! Your professor is usually quick to respond to questions/concerns, so ask them if you have any doubts. Professors usually have their own chat room times scheduled, so join it and ask as many questions as you have. 



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