Petia Stoykova

Petia Stoykova is a member of the Class of 2018 majoring in Interior Design at Marist's branch campus in Florence, Italy. She is from Baltimore, MD.
Why did you choose the Marist Florence branch campus? 
I chose the Marist Italy branch campus in order to experience life in Europe and in order to challenge myself in order to take myself out of my comfort zone.  

Describe the learning experience in Florence. 
With every class, my professors take advantage of our environment, corresponding each lesson in reference to the city ranging from theory classes and exploring the historical aspects to analyzing a site for a design project.
What is your favorite class? Why? 
My studio classes are the most interesting because we have 5-hour blocks of class every week working on projects designing a variety of interiors.
What was your most challenging class in Florence? Why? 
My Public Space Design class is an architecture course I am currently taking that is changing my perspective of space and concept of design. Working on a larger scale and in a new context is new and difficult, but I am enjoying all of the work put into this type of design.
What is your favorite place in Florence? Why?
Oblate is a public library with the best view in Florence, it provides a great mix of a social and educational environment.
Where have you traveled and where do you plan on traveling during your time in Italy? 
While studying, I have had the opportunity to travel to Greece, Spain, Germany, England, France, Malta, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria, Basque Country. I plan on exploring more of Europe and Africa.
What is the most interesting difference between Florence and your home country? 
The local culture is very different as Florence is a small and dense city full of tourists or students. This makes meeting new people easier and fun.

How do you stay connected with home? 
Social media is a great outlet that allows for easy communication with friends and family all over the world.
How have the faculty and staff supported you during your time in Florence?
Over the course of 3 years, I have learned to become very independent and feel that the faculty have been patient with any concerns I might have.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering the Florence branch campus? 
Keep an open mind, always.

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