Christian Herman

Christian Herman is a member of Marist's Class of 2013. He was a Digital Media major at Marist's branch campus in Florence, Italy.
Why did you choose the Marist Florence campus?
I chose the Marist Florence branch campus because I wanted to have an experience abroad while also working towards a degree.

Describe the learning experience in Florence?
The learning experience is great.  The professors are very knowledgeable in their fields and the class sizes are very small.  A lot of times, classes will have trips to museums or other places in or around Florence, so you are not always stuck in a classroom.

What is your favorite class, why?
One of my favorite classes I've taken here is Web Design. The professor knew how to do a lot and was very helpful.  The class was also a lot of fun and I learned a lot.

What is your most challenging class?
My most challenging class was Advanced Imaging, where the final assignment was to create a map of Florence and mark key locations of graffiti and other street art. It took many hours to complete.

What is your favorite place in Florence?
My favorite place in Florence is the Boboli gardens. The place is huge and you can get in for free if you have a museum card and it's a great place to have a picnic with friends or go for a nice walk.

Where have you traveled and where do you plan on traveling?
I have been to Rome, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Munich, Brussels, and Amsterdam.  Next on the list is Barcelona, Berlin, and Dublin.

What is the most interesting difference between Italy and my home?
Everything here is much smaller; from the streets to the cars, to the food portions.  It is by no means bad; it's just a huge contrast from how big everything is in America.

How do you stay connected with home?
I stay connected with Skype, Facebook, E-mail, and a cell phone.
How has the faculty supported you during your time in Florence?
The staff is always there to help with any issue academically or if there is an issue with your apartment.  They also organize a lot of trips and events for students.

Advice for prospective students?
Be prepared to have to eat lots of gelato and other Italian food. Also be prepared to have an awesome time.

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Major: Digital Media
Academic School: Communication and the Arts
Campus: Italy