Goodman Lepota

Goodman Lepota is a senior from Johannesburg, South Africa, majoring in business with a concentration in marketing. On campus Goodman serves on the executive board of For the Record, a project that is part of Marist Initiatives, and recently co-founded the Marist Business Review. In addition to his achievements on campus, last year Goodman had the opportunity to intern for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

What made you choose Marist?
My story’s a long one, but I wanted to be in New York City. I initially thought I was going to do political science, and then I felt that political science was too theoretical, and I wanted more action. I’m idealistic, but I feel like if we need to get it done, let’s get it done now. Business sounded closer to that for me, and then I thought ‘okay, Marist has a strong program, why not?’

How do you balance all of your involvement on campus with your academic and personal life?
I must be an organizer in some way or the other, but I like to think that I keep in tune with what to do because of the people around me, from home and my mom or being at boarding school. I don’t want to sound like I’m always pushed to do stuff, but overall: my support system, the people around me help to keep me in balance.

Marist has an institutional focus on "ethical leadership.” What does it mean to you and how do you incorporate it into the work that you do?
My high school is called The African Leadership Academy, and its core goal is to get the most ethical and equipped young leaders to study abroad and in the future come back and lead different countries across the continent. Ethical leadership, to me, means doing right by your work, sticking to your word, and I value that from Marist, the idea that they prepare us to do that, and it’s something that I carry with me.

What internship and work-related experience do you have and how do these experiences align with your passions and future career goals?
Mine have been in politics and tech, and that’s because that’s something I’m interested in. In the future, I’m probably going to do something that’s more similar to what I’m doing right now: For the Record. I’m really interested in influencing, I don’t know in what sense, but the idea of having platforms that influence conversations. That might be in politics, in business, or in tech, and if there’s anything that I’m going to be doing in the next five years, it'll be work around how we influence and move people and society.

What’s your favorite “Marist Memory?”
I think one of the most exciting, most memorable time during my college experience is when I was interning in the city for Hillary Clinton's campaign. It’s something that I often say: it will stay with me forever. Why is it memorable? Because I’m from Johannesburg, I’m from South Africa, so the idea of being in such an important time in America and to witness that. 

What advice would you give to prospective students considering Marist?
Something I reflect on, this is more personal than it is anything, I would say spend time with friends, get to know people. I guess another one, and it’s something that I repeat all of the time: if you’re dreaming of something or are really passionate about something, as cliche as it might sound: go for it, just do it. Because that’s what life’s about really: taking risks and get out of your comfort zone.


Written by Nicole Benedetto '18

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