Newburgh Enlarged City School District in Partnership with Marist College Receives Early College High School Program Grant

June 7, 2018 — The Newburgh Enlarged City School District Early College High School (ECHS) program will connect the resources of the district to the expertise of Marist College’s School of Computer Science and Mathematics to equip 120 high school graduates over four years with a Regents diploma and a minimum of 26 college credits toward a degree in computer science. 

“This grant and partnership with Marist College will afford our scholars a unique opportunity to have access to rigorous coursework. Developing skills that are in high demand, at no cost to our scholars, is a game-changer,” said Dr. Roberto Padilla, Superintendent of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. 

"Marist believes greatly in expanding access to higher education, and we are excited to be doing so right here in the Hudson Valley. We have an excellent track record of educating talented computer science students from under-represented groups and look forward to developing this innovative program with Newburgh Free Academy,” said David Yellen, President of Marist College 

Followed by the current planning phase through August 2018, scholars will commence the program in September 2018. The Early College High School Partnership Program with Marist College will be offered at Newburgh Free Academy, Main Campus. This program allows students at two of the district’s high school campuses an opportunity to earn college credit that may accumulate to an associate’s degree at no cost to students. 

Each cohort of 30 students will create an individual education plan with the help of administrators, faculty, counselors, mentors and parents that focuses on readiness for college and career. ECHS students will matriculate to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program without the need for remedial classes and can leave the program two full semesters ahead. 

Essential to student success are the academic and socio-emotional support systems included in the design of this program. Each student will benefit from close, authentic relationships with counselors and mentors who will follow them through to graduation. Daily extended learning time will provide the academic help and dedicated work time students need to complete assignments.

Many of the students in the target population this program seeks to serve have not considered a college experience and the career choice opportunities it can lead to. The Early College High School program will give students a positive message about higher education and its benefits and let them imagine the possibilities of a bright future in the field of their choice. 

The technology sector in New York state is experiencing a shortage of qualified workers at all levels of industry. From assembly workers to designers and creators to executive board rooms, an educated and experienced workforce is in demand. It is hard to imagine a career field that does not depend on computer technology, which is why giving students a wide variety of places to develop and use their computer science skills is so important.