Marist Mails Early Action Admission Decisions

The Undergraduate Admission Office mailed Early Action admission decisions on Thursday, January 31. The Marist Admission Office received nearly 3,600 applications for Early Action, a 6.1% increase over last year.


Approximately 1,600 students (less than 50% of the applicant pool) received an offer of admission to the College.

"This is a fantastic group of applicants and the Committee spent countless hours determining who would be offered admission to the College. I can't stress enough the number of academic awards, athletic titles, and community service hours this group completed in high school," explained Kent Rinehart, Dean of Undergraduate Admission.

"We were conservative in our offers of admission at this stage and anticipate that some of the students deferred to regular admission will be admitted. Obviously, the strength and volume of the overall pool will be a significant factor in determining where a deferred student will eventually fall," said Rinehart.

Women comprise slightly more than 50 percent of the accepted Early Action pool this year and the geographic pattern is similar to last year's, with the exception of larger-than-average increases in parts of the Southeast and the West (especially California and Hawaii).

The College anticipates breaking a record for the number of applications received. As of January 31, the applicant pool is running 5.6% ahead of last year (which had a record breaking 8,326 applications submitted to the College.)

Marist regular decision application deadline is February 15. Students may learn more about applying to Marist at