Complete Guidelines

The Marist Graphic Identity Guidelines and Policies are presented to assist the people on campus who develop print, Web, and related pieces that ultimately contribute to and reinforce the identity of Marist. The guidelines are based on policies and recommendations that exist at Marist, and in some cases in education codes and laws. The guidelines are designed to be flexible and to accommodate maximum Marist departmental needs while communicating to a variety of audiences.

Most users will probably not read these guidelines from cover to cover. If you are developing a specific printed or Web piece, it is hoped that you will refer to the appropriate sections to help you incorporate the identity elements. You can then refer to the applications section to see how others have already applied the guidelines, and to the policy section to see why the guidelines were developed. If you have questions or need help, plenty of resources on campus are available.

The complete Graphic Identity Guidelines and Policies are available here in PDF format.

Marist Style GuidePDF (1.8 MB)