College Graphics Guidelines and Downloads

The Marist nameplate and College seal are used for print materials related to the academic mission of the college. The Marist nameplate is the primary identifier for the College. The College seal is the imprimatur of Marist, and should be used on a limited basis, usually to represent institutional authenticity and academic verification. These two elements are the most formal of all the College graphics and should be used to communicate the integrity and tradition of Marist.

The Red Fox Spirit Marks are the property of the Marist Department of Athletics. Their use should be limited to materials related to athletics. These symbols are licensed properties and are restricted in use to Marist College athletics and may not be used otherwise without the express consent of the Department of Athletics.

All Marist graphics must be reproduced from official artwork.


These templates and files have been created for your MS Word, Power Point and Publisher files and they include Marist graphics. For additional options, please contact Alex Podmaniczky in the Digital Publications Center.


These graphics are in Tiff and PDF format at 300 dpi and have resolution high enough for clean, crisp printing at the size provided. Increasing the size of these graphics will result in a loss of print quality.


This artwork is provided in Jpeg format and has lower resolution artwork for quick screen build and clean, crisp viewing in the formatted size provided.


This artwork is saved in an EPS format or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format. These graphics are constructed only of paths and fills and as such, can be infinitely scaled with consistent high quality output.

You can insert certain of the downloadable marks into a Word document. For directions, see below.

How to add an graphic file to a Word document

  1. Download a tiff or jpeg formatted graphic file onto your computer. To download a file, click on the graphic or the graphic's text description, then save to a Graphics folded on your desktop.
  2. In your Word document click where you want to insert the image.
  3. On the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click From File.
  4. Locate the file you want to insert from your Graphics folder.
  5. Double-click the file you want to insert.

How to resize a file in a Word document

  1. Click on the image.
  2. Drag the sizing handle at the corner of the image to the size you want.
  3. Only resize the image from the corner otherwise you will distort the image.