Marist Magazine Winter 2013 - page 17

Current Marist pollsters assembled gift bags
for guests.
Photos:TimHerrmann/On Location
or three and a half decades, more
than 3,000 Marist College students have
participated in 750 polls and interviewed
more than a million voters. The Marist Poll
has accurately gauged public opinion while
providing undergraduates with a front-row
seat to the political process. On Nov. 16,
Marist Poll directors Dr. Lee M. Miringoff
and Dr. Barbara L. Carvalho along with
the entire Marist Poll team welcomed back
hundreds of Marist Poll alumni and other
members of the Marist College community
to celebrate the institute’s 35th anniversary.
The festivities kicked off with tours of the
Marist Poll’s state-of-the-art polling center,
broadcast facility, and office suite in the
Hancock Center. Excited alumni reminisced
about the days when Miringoff’s office was
no larger than a shoe box and marveled at
how far the institute has come.
“It’s such a great event and lovely to see
everyone again and especially the Marist
Poll team,” said Marissa Ryan ’11, a political
science major. “I am very jealous that the
Hancock Center wasn’t there when I was
interviewing. I think it’s great and looks
fabulous.” Marist Poll alumni who toured the
center included some who had participated
in the original exit poll in 1978.
The “good old days” were front and center
as guests tested their knowledge of Marist
Poll history in spirited games of Marist Poll
Jeopardy and a 20-question trivia quiz that
utilized the latest polling software. Alumni
were also treated to hands-on demonstra-
tions of how the Marist Poll visualizes its
survey data on an 85-inch interactive touch
screen. All the while, invited guests snacked
on light refreshments including freshly
popped popcorn.
But, the celebration didn’t end there.
About 250 guests joined the current Marist
Poll team for dinner in the newly renovated
Student Center. Attendees dined on a menu
of Italian fare, including a Marist pollster
staple, pizza. Guests mingled and shared
“war stories” as a continuous photo montage
covered some of MIPO’s greatest moments.
Marist President Dennis J. Murray then
paid tribute to Miringoff, director of the
…Salvatore Manzo ’15, Jamie Bracci ’14, Lauren Maddock ’14, Ashley
Hansen ’13, Emily Lohse ’15, Shannon Bales ’15 (standing); Jacqueline
Yandell ’14, Eric Whyte ’15, Salvatore Daniele ’15, Sara Curtin ’15, …
and Counting:
for a MIPO
Dinner guests included Donna Crecca, Andrew Crecca ‘86,
Jeannine Clegg ‘86, Jeff Laper ‘83, Dave Rowan ‘81, Marilyn Rowan, …
President Dennis J. Murray presented Dr. Lee
M. Miringoff and Dr. Barbara L. Carvalho with
commemorative clocks.
President Murray received a spyglass from the
Marist Poll team for being a true visionary.
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