Alumni Authors

John Richard Wilcox, PhD ’61, Jennifer Anne Lindholm PhD, and Suzanne Dale Wilcox, EdD, have written Revisioning Mission: The Future of Catholic Higher Education. It describes a challenge of continuity that faces Catholic colleges and universities: religious congregations which founded the institutions are no longer present on campus in numbers that allow them to preserve and nurture the Catholic culture and religious heritage of the congregation. Revisioning Mission offers instructions on creating a program for new faculty and employees to introduce or update their understanding of Catholic higher education. The book also offers essays that profile the spiritual life of students; explain Catholic culture, Catholic intellectual life, and adult spirituality; and discuss the founding religious congregations. The final essay emphasizes the importance of university faculty, staff, and administrators forming a community committed to the continuity and development of the institution in the 21st century as robustly Catholic with the unique heritage of the founding religious congregation. The book is available at

 Vincent Begley ’70 has three new books. You Can’t Judge a Book: Random Acts of Writing, Vol. I and Day Old Donuts: Random Acts of Writing, Vol. II are compilations of his work previously published in newspapers and magazines. Lost in Space, Detached from Time: Random Acts of Writing for Children, Vol. III is a collection of short stories and plays for children. All are available at and

Kelly Mangerino ’12 has written The Spirit: Awakening (iUniverse, 2012). In this fantasy novel, a princess must summon courage she never knew she had in order to protect her kingdom from destruction.

The fantasy series by Patrice Sarath ’84, Books of the Gordath, continues with The Crow God’s Girl (1012), available at Her novel The Unexpected Miss Bennet (Penguin, 2011), a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, received favorable reviews in the U.S. and U.K. (

Monster Needs a Costume (Scarletta Press, 2013) by Paul Czajak ’93 will be the first in the Monster & Me series of picture books. According to Publishers Weekly, the book will be the first hardcover picture book published by Scarletta Press.

Vanessa (Santos) Kelman ’02 has published a trilogy of novels and two nonfiction e-books through CreateSpace, KDP, and Smashwords. The trilogy consists of Chasing Fate (2011), Accepting Fate (2011), and Tempting Fate (2012). The e-book titles are Breast or Bottle? A Woman's Guide to Pumping: The Alternative Method of Breastfeeding (July 21, 2012) and Home Furnishings Consultant: A Consumer's Guide to Furniture and Mattress Purchase, Care, and Interior Design (April 24, 2012). All are available at,, and, or visit for links to all.

Long Island native Marisa L. Berman ’04/’05 spent many summers during her youth at Nunley’s Amusement Park in Baldwin, NY. Now she has written Nunley’s Amusement Park, the newest addition to Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series. The book, available at bookstores and online retailers, compiles personal stories and remembrances from local residents and more than 200 vintage images about the park, a destination for Long Island families from 1939 until it closed in 1995. Berman is a local historian who has spent the past 12 years working in museums, libraries, and historic sites in the New York area.