Marist's BHOC (Big Head on Campus)


The large head found in the Hudson River by Marist College crew members

Members of Marist's crew team examine their find.

During an April practice, the Marist men’s crew team discovered a giant foam and fiberglass head floating on the Hudson. After Coach Matt Lavin and the team towed it in to keep it from obstructing boaters, the head quickly became a source of fascination on campus and around the world, as people speculated on its origins. Did it come from a Mardi Gras float, a theatre production, a department store window display? Theories are many, but a definitive answer remains elusive. Meanwhile, the head became a celebrity as students flocked to the riverfront to have their pictures taken with it, and more than 1,000 media outlets, including New York City TV stations and newspapers in England and Italy, carried news of what some, in keeping with the spirit of the crew team that discovered it, have dubbed “The Head of the Hudson.”