NYS Residency Requirement


Eligibility for NYS-sponsored scholaships and awards is limited to students who meet New York State residency requirements.

To satisfy this requirement, students must be a legal resident of New York State.  Legal residence means that the student currently resides in New York State and intends to make the state his/her permanent home.  The act of living within the state's boundaries is, in itself, an insufficient demonstration of residency.

If a student is financially dependent upon his/her parents, HESC presumes the student's legal residence to be that of the parents.  If the parents are separated or divorced, HESC presumes the legal residence to be that of the parent who has been awarded custody (or who would have been awarded custody it the student were a minor). If the parents reside out of state, HESC presumes that the student resides out of state.

Marist College presumes that the student resides out of state if the student's billing and permanent addresses on file list a state other than New York.