About the Social and Behavioral Sciences Community

Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and Partnerships

Marist College School of Social and Behavioral SciencesThe School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Marist College includes the Departments of Criminal Justice, Education, Psychology and Sociology and Social Work.

The School offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Psychology with certification in Childhood Education grades 1-6. Also offered is the Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Criminal Justice and Social Work. In addition, the School offers the Master of Arts degrees in Psychology, Education, School Psychology, and Mental Health Counseling.

The Marist College community prides itself on being thoughtful and reflective, and this spirit holds true within the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Please visit our Learning Outcomes page for detailed information of the academic expectations for each of our departments. 

As a student in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, you'll enjoy small class-sizes lead by professors and faculty with both prestigious academic credentials and years of experience. We encourage you to read the latest news articles posted on this website to learn more about the awards, accolades, and research activities our faculty, students, and community partners have been involved in.

Our faculty come to know each and every student, and are available to help develop an appropriate plan of study and counsel on key topics such as internships, preparation for graduate study, research opportunities and employment. Our network of alumni at schools, community service agencies, government, and non-profits offers students learning and mentoring experiences that complement those presented in the classroom. 

We look forward to having you join our School as an undergraduate or graduate student or summer pre-college participant.