Name: Dr. Bruce Douglas Luske
Title: Associate Professor of Sociology & Resident Sociologist
Office Location: Dyson 377
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2981
Degrees Held: BA Liberal Arts & Sociology, Sonoma State University 1977
MA Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz 1979
PhD Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz 1986

Certifications: Licensed as Psychiatric Technician by Napa College in Napa, California in 1973.

Bio: Professor Luske has a widely diverse work background that includes child care teaching, psychiatric nursing, and the oil industry. Joined the Marist faculty in 1993 after teaching at Northern State University in South Dakota from 1987 to 1990, and in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY from 1990 to 1993.

Interests: Meditation, playing the didgeridoo, chanting, singing, baseball, bicycling, walking, jogging, films on social deviance and with spiritual themes, and theater. Committed to deepening empathy, lessening suffering, emancipating the oppressed, and generally challenging hubris and the "comfortably numb."

Awards & Honors: Named Faculty of the Year in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences in 1994 and 2004. Received the Extraordinary Performance Award in 1995 and 2005 for teaching and service to the college and community. Co-founder and Co-director, with Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies Mar Peter-Raoul, of the Marist Praxis Project from 1995 to 2011. Played central role in winning recognition of Marist College by the John Templeton Foundation in 1998 as among only 100 American colleges and universities that best promote personal and civic responsibility. Evaluated as outstanding teacher by SBS Deans William Eidle(1993-1999)and Margaret Calista(2000-present) every year of Marist career. Nominated for the Northern Burlington Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1989. Named to Who's Who Among American College Teachers five times. Nominated by Sonoma State University for Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2000,1991,1990.

Publications: Book:
Mirrors of Madness: Patrolling the Psychic Border, Aldine De Gruyter 1990.
"Heads on Beds: Toward a Critical Ethnography of the Selling of Psychiatric Hospitalization." Perspectives on Social Problems. Jai Press, 1995.
"Are We All Dumb Cattle to be Branded and Corralled? Social Inequality and Praxis in the College Classroom." Perspectives on Social Problems. Jai Press, 1998.
Other writing:
Numerous book reviews, op-eds & other journalistic pieces.
Proposed book: "Entering the Light: the Historic Socialist Project as Mystical Society."
Proposed memoir: "No Longer Avoiding Becoming Who I Am: the Story of an Unlikely Professor."
Research Interests: Critical theory, contemporary American spirituality, mysticism and socialism, social inequality, social change, social deviance and conformity, and critical pedagogy.
Conferences & Workshops: Numerous conference presentations and frequent participation in workshops in the above areas of interest.
Affiliations: American Sociological Association
Eastern Sociologists
New York State Sociological Association
Presentations: Numerous refereed paper presentations at national and regional conferences.