To qualify for the Master of Education Degree, a candidate must:

  • complete all requirements no later than five years after matriculation;
  • complete a minimum of 36 graduate credits as prescribed in the curriculum requirements, including the pedagogical core curriculum;
  • maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade–point average in graduate courses;
  • submit and defend an electronic portfolio to the satisfaction of program faculty during the candidate's final semester.


Candidates who fail to maintain a 3.0 or higher grade–point average, or do not demonstrate the dispositions necessary to assume the responsibilities of a classroom teacher, are subject to dismissal from the program after review by the Department of Education.


Acceptance of credits will be determined on an individual basis. No more than six graduate credits will be accepted from another institution. A grade of B or better is required for acceptance of any transfer credits.


Up to $4500 per year for a graduate assistantship may be awarded to full–time students in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Assistantships are available in research, student activities, as well as tutoring, and require ten hours of experience each week during the fall and spring semesters.


This degree program is available on–campus in Poughkeepsie, New York. Some courses are also available on–line.