Information for Students Performing Fieldwork Abroad

In many cases, PSYC students can complete a 6-credit Fieldwork experience abroad. Students interested in this opportunity must note the following:

1. Students with either Junior or Senior standing are permitted to pursue 6-credits of Fieldwork abroad.

2. Follow all Marist Abroad procedures regarding planning one semester ahead for the abroad experience and fieldwork. For example, follow MIP procedures including completion of Academic Planning Forms, consultation with your academic advisor, the Fieldwork Coordinator, the PSYC department chair, etc.

3. Set up a special appointment with the PSYC Fieldwork Coordinator to discuss planning fieldwork abroad.

4. Registration for Fieldwork is handled by the student and the Marist Abroad Office. Since students going abroad have usually not registered for fieldwork before, the course and numbers that will be used are: Fieldwork 1 (PSYC487N, 3 credits) and Fieldwork 2 (PSYC488N, 3credits).

5. In most cases, no one knows what the field placement will be until the student is actually already abroad! Placement arrangements are made after the student has arrived to the foreign country.

6. The student is still required to complete the Code of Ethics Form and the Fieldwork Contract. These forms can be faxed internationally. They are due AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after the placement has been arranged.

7. See the Fieldwork Requirements for a grade of "P" (Pass). These are basically all the same for the abroad student. Most assignments can be emailed to the Faculty Supervisor. Other paperwork, such as evaluations, can be faxed internationally. The following are changes to the requirements for a "P" grade:

  • Papers will be assigned in lieu of the 4 mandatory group supervision meetings.
  • There is no site-visit; however, the faculty supervisor will be in contact with the site supervisor regarding the student’s progress and performance.

8. The academic calendar (e.g., semester) of the international college/university is likely to be different than the Marist academic calendar.

9. Grades are issued by the Faculty Supervisor by completion of a form provided by the Marist Abroad Office.

10. Students should note that the PSYC Fieldwork Program will share copies of many important forms with the Marist Abroad Office, such as the Fieldwork Contract Form, the Evaluation of Fieldworker Form, etc.