Await Confirmation & Communications


I. Wait for the email from the Fieldwork Coordinator

You must await an email that will:

  1. Indicate approval (or problems) with your fieldwork preparation and forms.
  2. Identify who your actual Faculty Supervisor will be.

These emails will be sent within 10 days past the deadline when the forms were due.

II. Wait for the email from your assigned Faculty Supervisor

Your faculty supervisor will send you an email about a week before your fieldwork semester begins.  The email will detail certain expectations regarding the requirements to earn a "P" (Passing) grade.

III. Students should email the Faculty Supervisor

Students should email their Faculty Supervisor if you have not received the email above.


All students must use their email account for all fieldwork communications.

Students may begin their fieldwork no earlier than the first day of the semester's classes.  The Fieldwork must be completed before the last day of the semester's exam period.