What is Expected of Marist College


The appropriate Psychology Department faculty members (e.g., the Fieldwork Coordinator, the Faculty Supervisors, etc.) will:

  • confirm the eligibility of students proposing to go on fieldwork.
  • make decisions regarding students’ requests for exceptions to standard fieldwork policies/procedures.
  • determine the suitability of fieldwork sites as placement for the students.
  • determine reasonable limits regarding the number of students who are allowed to fieldworker at a particular site.
  • assign faculty supervisors to students for personal and professional support and to act as a liaison between the fieldwork site and the College.
  • help the students integrate their academic learning and field experiences.
  • provide academic advising to assist in the clarification of career planning.
  • assign a grade of "Pass" or "No Credit" for the fieldwork experience.
  • offer a limited tuition waiver to the Site Supervisor, transferable to an agency employee. Please contact the Fieldwork Coordinator regarding the details of this offer.
  • provide Certificate of Insurance Liability forms when necessary.