Complete the Fieldwork Contract and Code of Ethics Forms


Complete TWO forms and submit to the appropriate fieldwork coordinator by the deadline:

  1. The Fieldwork/Service Learning Contract Form, AND
  2. The Code of Ethics and Professional Behavior Forms 

Currently, the Fieldwork Coordinator for Poughkeepsie Main Campus Students and Marist Extension Site Students (Fishkill) is:

Janine Buxton, M.S., L.M.H.C.
Marist College
3399 North Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-1387
phone: (845) 575-3000, x7696
fax: (845) 575-3965

Students MUST abide by the following Policies and Procedures:

  • Once a fieldwork agency has been chosen, the student and site supervisor must complete a learning contract.  The contract is a vital part of the fieldwork process as it establishes the details of a learning experience that is the culmination of a student's academic career and shapes the transition towards the world of work.  See the Fieldwork Contract Form in the forms section.
  • Students are required to use their MARIST EMAIL account for communication purposes.  Email is particularly important since it is difficult for the Faculty Supervisor, Fieldwork Coordinator, and others to contact many students.
  •  A NEW Fieldwork Contract must be submitted for each semester that fieldwork is performed, even if it is at the same site.
  • Students might consider having the Fieldwork Coordinator review a draft of the contract before pursuing approval and signatures.
  • The contract must be approved and signed by the Site Supervisor, the Fieldwork Student, and the Fieldwork Coordinator.  Students are not permitted to begin at a fieldwork site without the contract having been approved and signed by the Fieldwork Coordinator.  Students must get the signature of the Fieldwork Coordinator last.
  • If multiple copies of the contract are required (e.g., a copy for the student, one for the site, etc.), the student should submit multiple copies to those who must sign them.
  • Regarding the stipulation of work schedule in the contract, it should be noted that during the fall and spring semesters, the fieldwork hours must be spread across 14 workweeks.  During the summer, there are fewer weeks available.  Thus the fieldwork hours must be spread across 12 workweeks.  Fieldwork is not permitted during the winter intersession.
  • Regarding fieldwork start and end dates, students may begin their fieldwork no earlier than the first day of the semester's classes.  The Fieldwork must be completed before the last day of the semester's exam period.
  • Special Requests: Make requests, in writing, to the Fieldwork Coordinator by the deadline whenever the student seeks a deviation from standard policies and procedures in any aspect of the fieldwork process (e.g., request to start fieldwork early or to end later than finals week, request to propose a new site beyond the one-hour-drive distance, etc.).
  • Students must complete the Code of Ethics and Professional Behavior Form, which must then be reviewed by the Fieldwork Coordinator and found to be satisfactory.  Students must agree to act within the bounds of the Code of Ethics of the American Psychological Association (see
  • Students cannot begin at a fieldwork site without the review and approval of the Code of Ethics and Professional Behavior Form and the Fieldwork Contract by the Fieldwork Coordinator.