Procedure for Proposing a New Fieldwork/Internship Site

New fieldwork/internship placements may be proposed to the Fieldwork/Internship Coordinator following the guidelines described below.

Note: The proposal of a new site must be submitted at least ONE MONTH before the fieldwork/internship paperwork submission deadline.

1. The new fieldwork/internship site must be within a 60-minute-drive radius from Marist College.

2. Propose, in writing, the new fieldwork/internship site and provide a substantial rationale for why the proposed site is needed instead of any of the pre-approved sites.

3. Provide student’s contact information: email address, mailing address, phone and fax.

4. Provide information about the agency: its mission, services, programs, staffing, populations served, and accreditation by organizations such as the State Department of Mental Health. This information is sometimes already prepared and made available by the agencies, for example in the form of brochures for the public. Such brochures or pamphlets could be attached to this proposal.

5. Provide a description of fieldwork/internship job duties as delineated by the agency (NOT a list of duties created by the student). This needs to be as specific as possible since this is the crux of the fieldwork/internship experience.

6. Provide the name, credentials, and years of experience of the proposed supervisor. Also include email address, mailing address, phone and fax numbers.

7. Have a representative of the new site complete the Fieldwork/Internship Site Directory Information Form. (See Forms section.)

8. Send all this information to the Fieldwork/Internship Coordinator, who will render a decision, usually within two weeks.

9. The Fieldwork/Internship Coordinator will add a new site to the site directory following its approval.