Who's Who in the Fieldwork/Internship Process & Contact Information

There are several people involved in the process of setting up and performing a fieldwork experience that students need to be familiar with:

1. The Fieldworker/Intern

2. The PSYC Fieldwork/Internship Program Coordinator

3. The Site Contact Person

4. The Site Supervisor

5. The Faculty Supervisor

6. The PSYC Chair and Faculty

– the undergraduate PSYC student completing the field experience/internship requirement.

PSYC Fieldwork/Internship Program Coordinator – the Marist faculty member who administers the PSYC Major Fieldwork/Internship Program. Some of the responsibilities of the coordinator include: providing orientation meetings to students, updating the fieldwork manual and list of sites, approving new fieldwork sites, approving fieldwork learning contracts, handling requests by students to deviate from the standard policies and practices of the fieldwork process, supervising the faculty supervisors, and creating procedures to administer the program effectively. Currently, the Fieldwork Coordinator is:

  • Janine Buxton, M.S., L.M.H.C.
    Marist College
    3399 North Road
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-1387
    phone: (845) 575-3000, x7696
    fax: (845) 575-3965
    email: Janine.Buxton@marist.edu

Site Contact Person – this is the person identified by the fieldwork/internship site to be a gatekeeper for all contacts from students seeking field experiences. An agency may receive calls/emails from many students, not only from Marist, but also from other area colleges. Thus, it is more efficient for each site to have one designated Contact Person. In some cases, the Contact Person is the same individual as the Site Supervisor.

Site Supervisor – the professional at a fieldwork/internship site who has taken responsibility for the orientation, training, education, and close supervision of the fieldworker/intern. The site supervisor must have a proper education, training, and experience in psychology or related background, to responsibly supervise the fieldworker. The Site Supervisor hosts at least one site visit from the Faculty Supervisor and keeps in communication with the Faculty Supervisor regarding the fieldworker’s/intern's progress and performance. The Site Supervisor also evaluates the fieldworker/intern at the midway point of the fieldwork, and again formally (via the Evaluation Form) at the end of the experience. The Faculty Supervisor uses this information when assigning a grade.

Faculty Supervisor – the Marist faculty member who is the instructor to the fieldworkers/interns during the semester. The Faculty Supervisor “watches over” the groups of fieldworkers/interns and performs duties that include: ensuring the carrying out of fieldwork/internship contract agreements, communicating with fieldworkers/interns and site supervisors, reviewing the fieldworkers’/interns' paperwork assignments (journals, time sheets, papers, etc.), visiting the fieldwork/internship site, troubleshooting issues that arise, conducting the mandatory group supervision meetings for fieldworkers/interns, and assigning the grades.

Currently, the Faculty Supervisors are:

  • Christopher Dennehy, LMSW, CASAC
    phone: (845) 691-9191 or (845) 831-7390
    fax: (845) 691-9339
    email: cdennehy@step1ny.org

The Psychology Department Chair and Faculty – the Fieldwork/Internship Coordinator reports to the chair of the department regarding the administering of the program. The Psychology Faculty sets and amends major policies regarding the fieldwork requirement of the psychology major. Currently, the chair is:

  • Ryan Kinlaw, Ph.D.
    Chair, Psychology Dept.
    Marist College
    3399 North Road
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-1387
    Dyson 322
       phone: (845) 575-3000, x2853
       fax: (845) 575-3965
       email: Ryan.Kinlaw@marist.edu