Senior Psychology Major Presents at National Convention

Research Project Leads Student to Annual School Psychologists Convention

Senior Psychology Major Presents at National ConventionSenior Emily Lohse presented the poster, “Learning Disability Identification Models in Peer-Reviewed Publications: 2000-2013” with Dr. Patrick O’Donnell at the 2015 National Association of School Psychologists Convention in Orlando, FL. Emily worked with Dr. O’Donnell on her own time to investigate the representation of three models for identifying learning disabilities in academic journals. School professionals use the Discrepancy Model, Response to Intervention, or Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses Model when determining if a K-12 student has a learning disability and is eligible for special education services. Practitioners, researchers, and trainers look to the literature for research, reviews, and guidance on how these models apply to current practice. As a result, identifying the availability of research on each of these models and trends in the coverage of these models is critical. Emily and Dr. O’Donnell reviewed 14 years of articles in nine journals to report on the availability of literature on each of these models. They found a shift away from coverage of the Discrepancy Model and toward Response to Intervention following the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in 2004. Emily and Dr. O’Donnell’s research highlights that changes in federal law have the potential to impact on the research community and the subsequent availability of academic literature to practitioners and trainers.