Social Work & Sociology Academic Program

Do you want to improve the lives of youth, veterans, or the elderly?  Are you interested in empowering those struggling with addiction?  Do you want to work on policies to address hunger and poverty?  Then a career in Social Work is for you!
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Our Mission & Goals

The Marist College Social Work Program is dedicated to preparing competent generalist social work practitioners committed to life-long learning to promote the well-being of all people and their communities, both locally and globally.  Through an integrated curriculum design grounded in the knowledge, values, and skills of the profession, the program provides opportunities to advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice. The diverse human service community of the Hudson River Valley enriches student development through strong collaborative professional partnership with the intention of developing future leaders and a more inclusive society.

The program identifies the following program goals:

  1. Students will demonstrate critical self-reflection as the foundation for competent generalist practice.
  2. Students will apply research evidence to advance practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and                       community toward a more just society.
  3. Students will demonstrate entry level mastery of the core competencies as they complete the multi-dimensional field             education program.

The Social Work Major

Requirements for a Major in Social Work

Social Work Program of Study

Recommended Program Sequence for a Major in Social Work

Course Descriptions for Social Work Classes

Social Work Program Student Learning Outcomes

The Social Work Minor

For those interested in working with people to enhance their well being and promote social justice.

Requirements for a Minor in Social Work

The Sociology Minor

For those interested in learning about the broader social forces, institutions, and structures shaping human life today.

Requirements for a Minor in Sociology

Flyer for the Minor in Sociology

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