College to Career


At Marist College

While at Marist College Social Work students are provided a range of experiences to explore their career opportunities. From one-on-one mentoring with faculty and visits from alumni to panel discussions by local social workers and a regular professional development series on contemporary social work concerns, Social Work majors learn about the varied and diverse job fields that await them after college.

Beyond Marist College

Graduates of the Social Work Program generally enter the workforce, participate in a gap year program, or pursue graduate education.

Workforce: BSW graduates often obtain entry-level social work positions and many have been offered jobs as they are approaching completion of the senior internship. Some local Dutchess County and Orange County agencies who have hired our seniors include the Center for Child Abuse Prevention, Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie, Astor Early Intervention Services, New Horizons, Abilities First, The Pines Skilled Nursing Facility, and Orange County Safe Homes.

Gap Year: There are a growing number of students who take advantage of service programs or scholarship programs, rather then go right on to graduate school. Students have applied to AmeriCorps, City Year, the Peace Corp, and for the Fulbright Scholarship.  Currently, we have one student who is working on a community-based economic development project in Cottonwood, Arizona with AmeriCrops.

Graduate Education: The majority of our BSW graduates go straight to graduate school. Students have attended graduate program in social work across the country including Adelphi University, Boston University, Columbia, Fordham, Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work, Lehman, New York University, Tulane, University of Connecticut, University of Denver, University of Maryland, and University of Pennsylvania, to name a few.  The BSW degree is a solid Bachelor’s degree and students who decide social work is not the career path for them have been accepted into programs, such as Columbia University’s Public Health Program, University  of Denver’s Dance Therapy Program, and Pratt University’s Art Therapy Program.

Alumni: Keep in touch with our strong alumni network through our Facebook Alumni Group.