Students Present at Social Work Conference at Lehman College


On Friday March 31st two Social Work majors, Rosa Genetti (Left) and Marissa Zuleta (Right), presented at the conference Building on Strengths: Promoting the Behavioral and Physical Health of Urban Youth at Lehman College in the Bronx.  The conference involved a combination of guest speakers, workshops, and presentations on culturally informed health services for youth.

Rosa’s presented on her Tarver Scholarship experience, where she created a 10 week art curriculum designed to assist at risk youth to understand their life experiences, as well as how to manage those experiences day to day.    

Marissa shared her summer experience as a Tarver Scholar with Family Services and the greater Poughkeepsie community in creating awareness about the need for Spanish speaking services in the human services community. Marissa discussed how she worked to build lasting connections with grass roots organizations, churches, and cultural centers in the community to bring Spanish speaking services to residents.