Mission & Goals


The Marist College Social Work Program is dedicated to preparing generalist social work practitioners committed to promoting the well-being of all people and their communities, through an integrated curriculum design grounded in the core values, ethics, and traditions of the profession and that provides the opportunity to master professional knowledge and skills. The Program fosters collaborative relationships with the diverse human services community in the Hudson River Valley to enrich student learning both in the classroom and in the field. The Program challenges faculty and students to become social work leaders in the development of a more just society locally and globally. This Mission outlines the goals for the social work program which are:

Program Goals

1.         to provide a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts that will develop the intellectual skills, expand the worldview, and increase the appreciation for the arts and sciences as a context for understanding our place in the world;

2.         to provide a social work curriculum that allows students to master the values, knowledge and skills necessary for professional generalist social work practice;

3.        to provide a dynamic interactive educational environment in the context of professional values that encourages students to embrace and assume a professional social work identity;

4.         to provide a field education curriculum that offers students diverse opportunities to demonstrate mastery of the core competencies through the integration of theory and practice;

5.         to provide a learning environment that fosters faculty student collaboration to contribute to social work knowledge through research, presentation and publication;

6.        to provide experiences for faculty and students to contribute service and leadership locally and globally;

7.         implements an assessment plan to evaluate the attainment of the program’s competencies through the systematic collection and analysis of multiple sources of data for continuous program improvement.