Student Research Presented at American Society of Microbiology Conference


Marist BiomedicBiomedical Science Major Krity Stevko Presenting her Researchal Sciences major, Kristy Stevko, along with her research advisor, Dr. Raymond Kepner, recently attended the American Society for Microbiology’s 6th Conference on Biofilms, held 29 Sept.-4 Oct., 2012 in Miami FL. The ASM is the oldest and largest single life sciences organization in the world. The special Biofilms Conferences are held every few years and, as in the past, this 6th conference was attended by scientific experts from around the world. Kristy’s poster was one of the posters which passed the peer review process permitting its display at the conference. Kristy described her research in veterinary microbiology and, more specifically, on mechanisms of biofilm formation leading to chronic wounds on horses. Upon returning from the conference Ms. Stevko said… “Going to the Conference on Biofilms was like nothing else I have ever done. I had a chance to interact with graduate students, post-docs, and doctors - who weren't my teachers - as though they were my peers. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into my research and it was an amazing feeling to have experts in the field acknowledge my work and its relevance in the real world. I learned so much, including ways to improve my techniques and strategies, and know that if I ever get stumped, that there are people willing to help!”