Clinical Education/Experiences

Athletic training students learn not only in small classroom settings but also with one-on-one mastery of athletic training skills with certified athletic trainers. Students will be assigned to a Certified Athletic Trainer who will assist in teaching and assessing the required athletic training techniques. Each student will be assessed on all competencies and proficiencies established by the National Athletic Trainers' Association Education Council.

The athletic training student will gain "hands-on" experience with the physically active in traditional and non-traditional settings. These settings include intercollegiate athletics in area colleges, interscholastic athletics in area high schools, sports medicine clinics, fitness centers, and physician's offices. We are also pursuing additional settings with area professional sports teams.

Students are required to purchase clothing, a nametag, and a watch to meet the dress code requirements. Any expenses related to traveling to and from clinical sites are the responsibility of the student. More information can be found in the Student Policy and Procedure manual (PDF).

Communicable Disease Policy
Students who are unable to attend clinical field experience hours due to an illness or disease should seek medical attention. Any student that has been diagnosed with a contagious disease such as strep throat, staph infection, ringworm, or conjunctivitis should not report for clinical hours or classes until he or she is no longer contagious. Students should be prepared to provide appropriate documentation regarding the illness and medical attention that was sought. In cases of contagious disease the documentation should include a date that the student can safely return to the clinical site. Students with influenza like symptoms should follow instructions from Marist College Health Services (see the Health Services web site, The ATEP Director and/or Clinical Coordinator as well as the student’s preceptor should be notified of the condition as soon as possible. Students with questions should speak to the ATEP Director.


Affiliated Clinical Sites

The following institutions have agreed to provide clinical education opportunities for our students.

High Schools: