Physical Examination

Dear Doctor:

The person presenting this form for completion is an entering Athletic Training student at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York.

Very soon, this person will be working closely with recreational interscholastic and intercollegiate student-athletes and with patients and staff in a clinical setting. For protection of both the future athletes, patients and students themselves, we require proof of good physical health, and proof of current immunizations. We also require proof of a TB test (Mantoux test), performed not earlier than May 1st of this year. It is strongly recommended that the students obtain immunization against hepatitis B and receive the meningococcal meningitis vaccine. Students must comply with the State of New York immunization requirements: tetanus, diphtheria, measles, mumps and polio, for entrance to Marist College.

Finally, we ask you, to assess the student's ability to perform the following tasks related to Athletic Training.

  1. Lift or assist in lifting patients using proper body mechanics.
  2. Ability to carry up to 100 lbs. with assistance.
  3. See, hear, and respond quickly to patients in emergency situations.
  4. Communicate with patients and other health care professionals.
  5. Understand requisitions and other records necessary for proper patient care.
  6. Ability to move quickly to avoid personal injury.
  7. Ability to transport injured patients/athletes to health care facilities.
  8. Ability to stand while covering a practice or contest for a 2-3 hour duration.
  9. Ability to demonstrate weight training and rehabilitation exercises.
  10. Ability to provide manual resistance to the patient/athlete for rehabilitation.
  11. Ability to tape and wrap injured body parts.
  12. Physical ability to assess injured body parts.
  13. Stamina to work in stressful situations.
  14. Perseverance, diligence, commitment to completion of Athletic Training Education Program.
This information will be placed in the student's active clinical file in the office of the Program Director of Athletic Training.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Sally A. Perkins, ATC Chair/Program Director of Athletic Training

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