Baccalaureate Awards

Below is list of baccalaureate award winners by year and award. We are proud of all our graduates in the School of Science. If you have additional information about the individuals highlighted below, please email so that we may update their accomplishments after graduation.

Mary Lou Gantert Award for Excellence in Science

Boehringer Ingelheim Award for Excellence in Scientific Research

The Glenn Marinelli Award for Excellence in Athletic Training

The Barnes & Noble College Bookstore Award for Excellence in Biology

The Dr. Andrew A. Molloy '51 Award for Excellence in Chemistry

The CH Energy Group Award for Excellence in Environmental Science

The Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostic Award for Excellent in Medical Techology


Mary Lou Gantert Award for Excellence in Science

This award is given to a senior who has achieved a grade point average of 3.25 or greater; who has participated in research, internships, scientific presentations and/or related work experience beyond the expectations of the major; and who has compiled a record of service to the School of Science, the College, or the local community. The recipient should also show promise for continuation of their education at the graduate or professional level.

2016: Nicolas Patrick Benjamin Shearman

Nicolas Shearman, a dual major in environmental science and political science, promoted social engagement and environmental sustainability at Marist College. He conducted research on pharmaceutical pollution in the Hudson River , which he presented in Washington, D.C., and at regional conferences, He helped organize the Poughkeepsie Community Wealth-Building Summit, founded Marist Earth Care, was a member of the Campus Sustainability Committee, and interned with Scenic Hudson and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

2015: Alyssa Michelle Scott

Alyssa was a Biology major with dual minors in Psychology and Environmental Science and an extensive record of service to the School, College, and community. She served as the Marist College Democrats President, completed three separate internships, and conducted research with three different faculty at Marist. She also presented her research at local, regional and international meetings. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Genetics at Emory University.

2014: Patrick Walker Bergamo

 UConn Medical School

2013: Christine Gurdon

 Environmental Scientist at Psulud, Sokoloski & Sartor (PS&S) NYC

2012: Ryan Hoffman

 DDS from Stony Brook. Practicing at VA Hospital in San Diego, CA

2011: Kelly McDonald

graduate student at Virginia Tech

2010: David Reens

 MD Stony Brook. Emergency Medicine in Masnhasset, NY, North Shore Univ. Hospital

2009: Nicole M. Boisvert

 MD from Georgetown Medical School. Family Practice resident at Costra Conta County Medical Center, CA,

2008: Katherine D. Amodeo

 MD from U Buffalo. Resident in Neurology at U. Rochester Medical & Dentasl School

2007: Deborah Bryn Diehl

 PhD Cornell University

2006: Patrick Bean


2005: Steven Hicks

 MD/PhD from Upstate Medical School. Pediatrics Hershey, PA Neurodevelopment disabilities

2004: Alyson Fiorillo

 Children's National Medical Center Washington, DC. Researcher with several publications, Cancer, MD

2003: Jacqueline M. Smith


 2002: Martine M. Mirrione

 Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Quinnipiac University

 2001: Kathryn Docherty

Kathryn graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Environmental Science (Biology Track). She was on the High Dean's List most semesters and was a laboratory assistant for the General Biology 2 course.  She was actively involved in research at Marist and was a recipient of the Hudson River Foundation's Tibor T. Polgar Fellowship which helped fund her work. Kathryn went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Biology from Notre Dame (South Bend, IN) and following several years as a postdoctoral is now an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Biology at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)

2000: Emily A Periera

 VP Global Marketing & Asian Pacific Commercial Operations at Cepheid Corp.

1999: Matthew B. Loewentral

 MD. BluePrint Research Group Associate Partner

1998: Brian J. Webber

 DO. Runs a radiology practice in NY

1997: Mary C. Walsh

 Presently at Harvard Medical School as Deputy Scientific Investigator

1996: Sylvia Wood

 High school teacher

1995: Linda Passaro

 PhD Chemists working at Bedoukian Chemicals

1994: Heidi J. Grosskamp

Chiropractor practicing in California

1993: Meredith Daniel


1993: Christine Harris

  Practicing physical therapist in Durham, NC

1992: Rosa Montalbano


1991:: Paula Amendola

 Family medicine doctor at Bronx Internal Medicine Assoc.

1990: Brian Park

 Psychiatrist in Poughkeepsie, NY Division of Behavioral

1989: Lynn A. Lariviere


1988: Michael J. Foote


1987: Robert C. Osika

 Manager Control Center Sonoco Logistics

1986: Marie D. Isernia


1985: Francis H. Kors

 Anesthesiology practice in Bronx, NY

1984: Robin Lynn Rockhill


1983: Arthur E. Tringali


1982: Roberta A. Marx


1981: John M. Morgan

 Manufacturing Tech Manager General Electric Plastics

1980: Susan M. Grinder


1979: Michael P. Dombroski

 Senior Plating Engineer Tyco Electronics, NC

1979: Jane Sottile

 Assoc Professor at Arab Cardiovascular Institute U. Rochester

1978: Alan Viani

 Owns dental practice in Poughkeepsie; coach Our Lady of Lourdes Woman's Basketball team

1977: Thomas J. Lynch


1976: Thomas F. Cornish


1975: Joseph A. Abys

Abys Consulting LLC , worked previously at Argonne National Labs, Lucent Technologies and entered Marist from its HEOP/Upward Bound Program

1975: Salvatore J. Caradonna

 Ph.D. U. Buffalo Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Pharmacology). Presently Chair & Professor at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

1974: Michael W. Pantiano


Boehringer Ingelheim Award for Excellence in Scientific Research

This award is given to a student selected by the School of Science faculty in recognition of overall academic performance with primary focus on achievement in research.

2016: Solomon A. Sloat

Solomon Sloat is graduating with majors in biology and philosophy. He conducted research with multiple faculty at Marist and was awarded two summer research grants to pursue projects that resulted in presentations at local, regional, and national meetings. He has co-authored five scientific journal articles-three in press and two in preparation. Soloman intends to enter a doctoral; program in biochemistry in fall 2017 with the ultimate goal of running a research laboratory.

2015: Matthew T. Ruis

Attending PhD program at Duke U

2014: Andrew M. James

 PhD student at Virginia Tech

2013: Coleen Nemes

 PhD student at Yale

2012: Jonathon A. Porras

 PhD student at Carnegie Mellon

2011: Catherine DeBlase

 PhD Cornell. Senior Chemist at Dow Chemical Company

2010: David Reens

MD from Stony Brook. MD Emergency Medicine North Shore University Hospital Manhasset, NY

2009: Andrew F. DeBlase

 PhD Yale. Currently seeking academic position.

2008: Lauren Jackson

 PhD from Penn State. Currently Analytical Scientist at BP

2007: Jeremy Madden

 PhD from Perdue. Currently Process Engineer at Intel

2006: Ryan F. Bendl

DO. Colon & Rectal Surgery at Colon & Rectal Surgical Care of CT

2005: Steven Hicks

 MD/PhD from Upstate Medical School. Pediatrics/Neurodevelopment practice in Hershey, PA


The Glenn Marinelli Award for Excellence in Athletic Training

This award is given to a student who has completed a minimum of 24 credits of study in athletic training at Marist and has achieved recognized excellence in academic performance..

2016: Michaela R. Heath

Michaela Heath is graduating summa cum laude with a degree in athletic training. In addition to her nearly 1,800 hours of clinical field experience, she also volunteered medical services at the New York Marathon. The summer, Michaela will present her research at the National Athletic Trainers' Association Conference in Baltimore, and will be also published in The Journal of Athletic Training. Upon graduation, Michaela will seek employment in the secondary-education arena.

2015: Candace J. Bernitt

Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer - University of Virginia

2014: Patrick Deedy

 Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer - SUNY Cortland

2013: Nicholas Orapello

 Athletic Trainer - Marist College

2012: Sarah Philpot

Athletic Trainer - Framingham High School/Metro West Medical Center

2011: Samuel McMullen

Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer - University of Toledo

2010: Brian A. Beltrani

Athletic Trainer - Sayville High School/Long Island Sports and Rehabilitation

2009: Kristin M. Cohen

Graduate School - Occupational Therapy - Columbia University

2007: Nicholas E. Salis

Athletic Trainer - Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County

2006: Andrea M. DiTrani

Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer - Arizona School of Health Sciences

2005: Kevin J. Henry

Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer - Old Dominion University. Professional Lecturer of Athletic Training at Marist College


The Barnes & Noble College Bookstore Award for Excellence in Biology 

This award is given to a student who has completed a minimum of 24 credits of study in biology at Marist and has achieved recognized excellence in academic performance..

2016: Kimberley A Koenig

 Kim Koenig, a major in biomedical sciences with a minor in mathematics, has been a laboratory assistant in several courses, served as a tutor in mathematics, supervised biology laboratory review sessions, was a member and president of the Marist chapter of the Sigma Zeta science and mathematics national honor society, and competed on our Equestrian Team. She will attend Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine in the fall.

2015: Amber M. Kavanagh

 A ttending NY College of Podiatric Medicine

2014: Emily J. Collins

  Ph.D. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. With four articles published in peer-reviewed journals by the time of her graduation, Emily's outstanding publishing rate holds the record  in the history of the School of Science for most publications by an undergraduate student. She is now on the path of a very succesfull career at RPI, where she has already been awarded competitive grants including one from the NSF. 

2013: Sean D. McCaffrey

 A ttending graduate school in NYC

2012: CJ Mimken

  MD New York Medical School.  Residency at NY Medical

2011: Frank A. Manno

  DVM Dentist in New Windsor, NJ

2010: Amy E. Lang

  PA practice in Paramus, NJ

2009: Avalon C. Mertens

 In DO program at Nov SE U. Doing residency in internal medicine and pediatrics.

2008: Elisa Cappuccio

  DO from NYIT. Anethesiologist

2007: Tyler Jay Anderson

  DVM VA-MD vet school. Currently working for Mobile Imaging Veterinary Ultrasound in VA

2006: Katherine E. Beldowski

  MD from Jefferson Medical School. Family Medicine/Geriatric Medicine practice at Crozer-Keystone Health System in Philadelphia  (Beldowski-Glass)

2005: Michael E. Nassif

  MD from Iowa State Medical School.   MD Cardiovascular Disease at St. Louis Washington University Physicians

2004: Christiana Gammon


2003: Diana Mateus

  DO from NYIT. Family Medicine/Urgent Care WestMed Medical Group in WhitePlains, NY

2002: Stephanie A. Thomas

  PT from Duke University. Practice in North Carolina

2001: Matthew B. Behme

 MD specializing in Internal Medicine at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA

2000: Alison Padgett


1999: Meredith Ann Halstead


1999: Rachel L. Ammons

  MD VCU Medical School. Neonatal/Prenatal Pediatrics in Lee, Virginia

1998: Bridget M. Foy

  DO  from NYIT. Family Medicine at Institute for family Health New Paltz, NY

1997: Sebastian Hoepfner

Returned to Germany for graduate studies

1996: Anthony Sajewicz

  MD Upstate Medical School. Director of Radiology  at Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital in California

1996: Joseph Phillips

  DO from NYIT. DO in pediatric oncology (deceased)

1995: Amy Anderson

 DVM University of Pennsylvannia

1995: Gregg Codkowski

PT practicing in Wilmington, DE

1994: Ryan C. Smith


1993: Amy B. Meyer

 DO from NYIT. DO psychiatrist/forensic psychiatrist in Hollis, NY


The Dr. Andrew A. Molloy '51 Award for Excellence in Chemistry

This award is given to a student who majored in chemistry or biochemistry and completed a minimum of 24 credits of study in chemistry at Marist, achieving recognized excellence in academic performance..

2016: Croix J. Laconsay

Croix Laconsay, a double major in chemistry and philosophy, received the J. Richard LaPietra Research Fellowship and an award from the National Science Foundation to do summer research at Marist College and Texas A&M University, respectively. He presented the research at American Chemical Society national meetings in Boston and San Diego. Following his Fulbright year in Israel, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis. Croix's long-range goal is be become a professor of chemistry, focusing on computational organic chemistry, while sustaining his investigations into the philosophy of science.

2015: Megan M. Romer


2014: Daniel Tekvert

 Chemistry PhD program at Boston University

2013: Coleen Nemes

 Chemistry PhD Yale University

2012: Danielle Veltri

High school chemistry teacher at Bloomfield High School, CT

2011: Catherine R. DeBlase

 Chemistry PhD from Cornell. Working for Dow Chemicals Company

2010: Carl M. Davidson

 DPharm from Wilkes University. Working as a pharmacist

2009: Christine L. Schenck

 Chemistry PhD from Columbia University. Working as a chemistry teacher in New York City

2008: Gregory M. Racz

 High school chemistry teacher at Hanover Park High School, East Hanover, NJ

2007: William C. Shearouse

 PhD in chemistry from University of Cincinnatti. Scientist at Proctor and Gamble

2006: Ryan J. Donegan

 Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Des Moines University

2005: Jason M. Kandel

 MS from University of Delaware

2004: Jordan L. Gallo

 MD from New York Medical College

2002: Megan Licata

 Chemistry PhD from University of New Hampshire

2001: Jessica Davis

 Chemistry PhD from Yale University

2000: Christopher T. Schoonmaker

 Vice President, Global Head of Biostatistics at Cytel

1999: Matthew B. Loewenthal

 Partner at BluePrint Research group

1998: Roxanna M. Rainboth


1996: Sylvia Wood


1995: Linda Passaro

 PhD from SUNY ESF. Works as a research chemist for Bedoukian Research

1994: Heidi J. Grosskamp


1993: Christine Krien



The CH Energy Group Award for Excellence in Environmental Science

This award is given to a student who has completed a minimum of 24 credits of study in environmental science in environmental science at Marist and has achieved recognized excellence in academic performance.

2016: Richard A. Brase

 Ricky Brase, an environmental science major, conducted research on the chemistry and transportation of nanomaterials and bioaccumulation of pharmaceuticals found in the Hudson River watershed. He received a Polgar Fellowship from the Hudson River Foundation, and won Manuscript Excellence and Poster Presentation awards at the Eastern Colleges Science Conference. Ricky tutored Organic Chemistry and was a teaching assistant in Plant Biology and Plant Physiology. He will attend graduate school at the University of Albany in environmental chemistry..

2015: Mathew T. Amato


2014: Jenna R. Grande


2013: Melody Wren


2012: Jillian Tompkins


2011: Rachel M. Serafin


2010: Ada Fox


2008: Amanda Rollizo


2007: Kimberely M. McEathron


2006: Patrick T. Bean


2005: Nirvani D. Persaud


2004: Helaine Liwacz


2003: Bethany S. Reeves


2002: Vincent A. Porzio


2001: Dana Felice


2000: Carol E. Holmes


1999: Megan M. Lacomchick


1998: Ellen C. Schmitt


1997: Thomas M. VanVranken


1996: Tara Capple


1995: Shane Riordan


1994: Jeffrey R. Hurley


1993: Robin Haines



The Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostic Award for Excellence in Medical Technology

This award is given to a student who has completed a minimum of 37 credits of study in medical technology at Marist and achieved recognized excellence in academic performance as well as demonstrated potential for growth in the profession of medical technology.

2016: Hayley Elizabeth Reddington

 Hayley Reddington is a member of the Medical Laboratory Sciences Advisory Board, the Sigma Zeta science and mathematics honor society, the Alpha Chi national college honor society, and the Marist Honors Program. Hayley, a recipient of the Marist Presidential Scholarship, has been on the dean's list every semester. She has completed both medical and clinical laboratory internships and was nominated for the School of Science Intern of the Year. Upon graduation, she will work as a medical technologist while applying to medical school.

2015: Charles Boland Cardish, Jr.


2014: Kimberly R. Scala


2013: Lindsay Kirkham


2012: Edmund T. Jasewicz


2011: Rachel L. Anderson


2010: Reshma Hussain


2009: Kendall R. Bunzey


2008: Benita H. Pandya


2007: Ashley E. Berben

Medical technologist at St. Peter's Hospital Albany, NY; married name Cukrovany

2006: Christine M. Walsh


2005: Elizabeth A. Lucia


2004: Jessica Kriebel


2003: Jacqueline M. Smith


2002: Megan R. DeVita


2001: Shannon M. Cuozzo


2000: Elizabeth Ann Johnson


1999: Fadi J. Sahawneh


1998: Mary Beth Ostrowski


1997: Cheryl Willie


1996: Sherri Schneider


1995: Janette Bogdan



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