Nicolas Andrews, Ph.D.
Visiting Associate Professor

  Nicolas Andrews
AH 121; x-2406
Ph.D. Immunology, Emory University
B.S. Microbiology, Texas State University, San Marcos




Joseph S. Bettencourt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

  Dr. Joe Bettencourt, BIOL112 General Biology Lab I
AH 215; x-2243

Ph.D. University of New Hampshire
M.S. University of New Hampshire
A.B. Suffolk University

Dr. Bettencourt joined the Marist faculty in 1965. He teaches General Biology I, as well as several courses which are oriented toward the health professions (Histology, Immunology, Comparative Anatomy, Embryology and Parasitology).

Amy Cahill, M.A.

AH 321; x-2748

M.A. SUNY New Paltz
B.S. Binghamton University



Picture of Amy

Professor Cahill (back right) and students on a field trip to Norrie Point Environmental Center.

Amy Cahill joined the Marist faculty in 2009. She teaches General Biology I, General Biology II, Medical Experiences in Ghana, and Genetics.

Kristin Dragos, M.A.

AH 313: x-3228

M.A. SUNY New Paltz
B.S. SUNY New Paltz


Kristin Dragos

Ms. Dragos joined the department in 2010. She primarily teaches microbiology.

Megan Dennis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

AH 217: x-2734

Ph.D. University of New Mexico
B.S. Gonzaga University

   Megan Dennis

Dr. Dennis joined Marist College in 2016. She teaches courses in Cell Biology and General Biology.


Luis Espinasa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Dr. Luis Espinasa

Dr. Espinasa (third from right) with students on a field trip.

AH 323; x-2352
Ph.D. New York University
B.A. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Dr. Espinasa joined the Marist faculty in 2006. He teaches courses in Genetics, Molecular Biology and General Biology.

Dr. Victoria Ingalls, Ph.D.

  Vicky Ingalls
AH 311; x-2541
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts
M.S. University of Massachusetts
A.B. Vassar College
Dr. Ingalls joined the Marist faculty in 1985. She teaches General Biology II, Vertebrate Physiology, Animal Behavior, and Evolution. Additionally she teaches a course in Sex, Evolution and Behavior as part of the Core/Liberal Studies program.

Raymond Kepner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

  Dr. Ray Kepner, ENSC313 Environmental Microbiology
AH 325; x-2285
Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University
M.S. Michigan Technological University
B.S. Juniata College
Dr. Kepner joined the Marist faculty in 1999. He teaches General Biology, Microbiology, and Environmental Microbiology.
Paula Checchi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

 Paula Checci

AH 315; x-6103

Ph.D. Emory University
B.S. University of Massachusetts


 Paula joined Marist in 2013. She teaches General Biology and Developmental Biology.


Andrew Ryder, Ph.D.

  Dr. Andrew Ryder, BIOL112 General Biology Lab I
AH 329; x-2099
Ph.D. Cornell University
B.S. Skidmore College
Dr. Ryder joined the Marist faculty in 2002. He teaches courses in General Biology and Molecular Biology.
Several full-time faculty members in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences; Department of Environmental Science & Policy; Department of Athletic Training and Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry & Physics also teach Biology courses.

Current Part-Time Instructors:

Farruggella, Thomas


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