Success of Graduates

Students are prepared for diverse pathways, with most choosing to pursue advanced degrees. Our research-rich curricula serve as excellent stepping stones to many career pathways.

Marist chemistry and biochemistry graduates are in high demand!  Since 2000,

44.2% of our graduates directly entered M.S. or Ph.D. programs in Chemistry or Biochemistry at institutions such as Indiana, Northwestern, Purdue, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Delaware, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Penn State, and Yale;

20.9% began jobs with industrial employers such as Bayer, CIBA Chemicals and Penwest Pharmaceuticals;

18.6% entered schools of the health professions such as Boston University (pharmacy), New York Medical College (medicine), and Stony Brook University (dentistry);

9.3% are recent 2008 graduates who are searching for jobs or in the process of applying to medical and veterinary schools;

4.6% are employed in areas outside of chemistry;

and 2.3% are teaching high school chemistry.