Chemistry Renovation Completed in Fall 2007

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Marist College completed a comprehensive, $3 million renovation of the Chemistry facilities in Donnelly Hall in August 2007. Thought to be the oldest unrenovated academic space on campus, close to 7000 square feet of laboratories, stock rooms, instrument rooms, faculty offices, and other space was completely vacated, demolished, and renovated over a 12-week span starting in May 2007. The new facilities, designed by the same architects (Burt, Hill) responsible for designing the College's Fulton Townhouse residential facility, provide a state-of-the-art teaching and learning facility not only for chemistry and biochemistry majors, but for all students who study chemical sciences at Marist. In addition to larger, more modern and better equipped teaching laboratories, the new facility features a faculty office suite that includes student study space, a computational chemistry lab, a student-faculty research lab, an instrumental lab, a new suite for our NMR spectrometer, and windows into these spaces to allow passersby to see "students doing chemistry." The Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Physics moved into the renovated space at the end of August 2007. An official "grand opening" occurred on Homecoming Weekend, 2007.