Name: Dr. Nicoline J. Kiwiet
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor
Office Location: Donnelly 235D
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 6380
Degrees Held:

Post-Doctoral ResearchMaterials Research,  Delft University of Technology , Delft, the Netherlands    

Ph.D. in ChemistryPhotoelectrochemistry ,  The University of Texas, Austin, TX    

 B.A. in Chemistry Analytical-Separation Science  , Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ         


Research Scientist , PHILIPS  Electronics N.V. , Eindhoven, the Netherlands          

 Research in Semiconductor Processing of III-V Semiconductor Lasers

Chemistry  Instructor                                                                                

           Dutchess County Community College, Poughkeepsie NY

           Ulster County Community College, Stone Ridge, NY

Courses Taught: General Chemistry I/II , Introduction to Chemistry for Nursing Majors, Introduction to Food and Nutrition 


 “Apparatus comprising a display screen which is active in the operating mode and in the standby

Mode,” U.S. patent serial number 08/559,786, Nov. 15th, 1995


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oxide fuel cells,” Solid State Ionics 46, (1991) 299-308.


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 “Steric Effects vs. Secondary Orbital Overlap in Diels-Alder Reactions. MNDO and AM1 studies,” Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol. 52, 1469 (1987).

Research Interests:

Chemical Education

Applied Chemistry 

Conferences & Workshops:

 NSF Workshop, Forensic Chemistry, Williamstown, MA, Summer 2013

5th Annual Teaching and Learning Colloquium: The Future of Teaching and Learning  Stony Brook University, April, 2013.

NSF Workshop, Chemistry and Art, Walla Walla WA, Summer 2011

POGIL Northeast Regional Meeting & Training,  Summer 2011.


American Chemical Society (Local Section – Mid-Hudson Region ; Technical Division – Chemical Education ; International Division)

United States Metric Association (USMA)


“Using Virtual Whiteboards for Brief Tutorials”, Presented at 2011 Downstate Successful Teaching Conference, organized by the Institute for Community College Development, SCCC, Lake Sheldrak,NY.

“The Use of Google Tools for Collaborative Learning” Presented at the symposium for Computers in Education  ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, March 2010

Title III: Mini-Grant Award Spring 2010. The Use of Digitizing Pens and Screen Cast to Enhance Student Learning and Retention

“Re-Writing the Chemistry Textbook” Project Presented at the symposium for Learner Centered Chemistry Courses, ACS Northeast Regional Meeting, Hartford CT Oct. 2009