Marist College Medal of Science

The Marist College Medal of Science was established in 2003 to recognize outstanding science students at selected high schools in the mid-Hudson River Valley and across the nation in selected regions. Each spring, faculty and administrators at each high school are asked to identify up to 3 members of the junior class who have earned the highest 3-year averages in science and math, and have records of service in the local community.

Upon nomination, student will submit an application for consideration as a Medal of Science laureate. These applications will then be reviewed by Marist administration and awards will be grant for Medal of Science winners and for honorable mention.

Both winners and honorable mention recipient will receive a medal, the Medal of Science Laureates will also receive a $5,000 annual scholarship if they are admitted to and attend Marist College and major in one of the disciplines offered by the School of Science.The scholarship is renewable contingent upon the student remaining a major in the School of Science. This award can be combined with other Marist scholarships.

Participating Schools

  • Arlington High School
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt High School
  • Highland High School
  • John Jay High School
  • Our Lady of Lourdes High School
  • Poughkeepsie High School
  • Rhinebeck High School
  • Roy C. Ketcham High School
  • Spackenkill High School