Message from the Dean

Dr. James DuMondWelcome to the School of Science at Marist College. At Marist, we believe our Alumni’s successes are based on providing them with the skills to solve problems rather than simply recalling an answer. As to quote Carl Sagan “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.

Throughout our webpage you will find stimulating educational opportunities offered by our diverse and vibrant academic programs, which provide opportunities for students to take courses across the globe and to conduct research in the laboratory as well as the field”. These experiences are specifically designed to either place students directly into the workforce or for graduate studies in health, medicine, as well as other scientific fields such as biology, chemistry and environment science. We are committed to enhancing our existing curricula and the development of new programs that will continue to give our future alumni a competitive edge in the global market. So we encourage you to explore our virtual glimpse of the School’s academic programs in Athletic Training, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Medical Technology.

I and the entire School of Science encourage you to come and visit our campus and welcome you to contact us with any questions as we would be happy to discuss your academic future.



James W DuMond Jr., Ph.D.

Dean, School of Science