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Estimated Cost of Attendance


Total Estimated Program Costs



Room & Board (estimated)*


Books & Personal Medical Equipment**


Transportation to clinical sites for rotations***




Misc. Professional/Licensure Fees (AAPA, NYSSPA, PANCE, NYS license, DEA, etc.)


                                                                            ESTIMATED  TOTAL




Stethoscope* Cost based on on-campus housing, if available.

** Equipment includes: stethoscope, diagnostic kit (otoscope/opthalmoscope), sphygmometer, tuning forks, reflex hammer, goniometer, blazer-style lab coat, EKG calipers, etc.

*** Students are responsible for all clinical travel expenses, including transportation. 




For financial aid information, please visit our Student Financial Services website.

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Accreditation Status
Marist College has applied for Accreditation - Provisional from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA).  Marist College anticipates matriculating its first class in January 2016, pending achieving Accreditation - Provisional status at the September 2015 ARC-PA meeting.  Accreditation - Provisional is an accreditation status for a new PA program that, at the time of its initial accreditation review, demonstrated its preparedness to initiate a program in accordance with the accreditation Standards.