Roles and Responsibilities

The Marist College Pre-Health Professions Committee:

  • Meets annually each Spring semester to interview junior Pre-Medical, Pre-Veterinary, and Pre-Dental applicants
  • Composes a consensus letter of evaluation for these students based upon the student file and interview
  • Meets at least once each semester to review the Pre-Med and Pre-Health programs
  • Recommends policies for Pre-Med and Pre-Health programs
  • Helps the Advisor to Health Professions (AHP) and Dean of Science recruit and advise Pre-Med and Pre-Health students
  • Works with students to improve their applications (e.g., personal statements; interview skills; etc.)


  • To help each student discover which areas of health care, if any, are most appropriate for their career and life goals
  • To maximize the likelihood of admission of each qualified student to health care programs


  • Prof. Lisa Stephens, Chair (Chemistry, AHP)
  • Dr. Joseph S. Bettencourt, Jr., (Biology, Past AHP)
  • Dr. Andrew Ryder (Biology)
  • Dr. Henry Pratt (Philosophy)
  • Dr. Elisa Woolridge (Chemistry)
  • Prof Amy Cahill, internship coordinator for the health profession (Biology)
  • Dr. Moira Fitzgibbons (English)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Quinn (Psychology)
  • Dr. Susan M Kochanowski (Management)