Science Undergraduate Research Partnerships

The School of Science at Marist College occasionally has funds to offer a limited number of student stipends to Science majors to conduct meaningful research under the close direction of a faculty mentor. These stipends are only available to students who are eligible for federal work-study funding, and who have completed at least 45 credits with a GPA of at least 3.00. The SURP stipends are designed as a portion of, but not as a supplement to, the usual student financial aid package.

Significant involvement in meaningful scholarly research is one means to enhance student learning and investigative abilities. Such research experiences enrich the undergraduate experience, challenging students to think clearly and critically as they explore potential research ideas and develop plans to collect data and evidence. As students are challenged to overcome obstacles as they put their plans into action, analyze their results, and draw inferences and conclusions, they gain confidence that they can translate the theory they are learning in the classroom into action. And as they prepare to present their findings - and defend their conclusions - in front of others, their communications skills are sharpened. These experiences, which represent learning activities that go far beyond the typical work-study experience, help to better prepare students for the real world of employment, and for analytically-demanding graduate and professional degree programs.

For additional information, please see your advisor or the Dean.