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The attainment of the Strategic Goals and Initiatives set forth in this Plan will make Marist an even stronger institution in the year 2016 than it is today. Our vision for the future requires that we continue offering an increasingly high-quality and distinctive academic experience, as one of the top comprehensive liberal arts colleges in the country. Our success begins with our distinct undergraduate experience, complemented by growth in graduate and adult programs.

Marist will strengthen its liberal arts core, and the institution.s culture will increasingly promote and reward experimentation, creativity, and innovation, instilling in our students the ability to adapt to the ever-changing job market of the 21st century. We will leverage our network of strategic partners in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors to create unique learning, research, and employment opportunities for both current students and alumni. As a result, graduates of the College will continue to gain admission to the most selective graduate programs, compete successfully for the most prestigious fellowships, and secure employment at the best organizations.

Excellence in 21st-century higher education requires a culture that rewards creative and entrepreneurial faculty and staff. Marist faculty promote educational experimentation, dynamic and interdisciplinary course offerings, and innovative learning experiences. At the administrative level, the College is committed to combining its reputation for affordability and operational efficiency with the capacity for bold institutional change.

To meet the challenges of the future, we will remain a leader in technology-enhanced learning, and will expand this role to include the use of technology to improve scholarship and institutional effectiveness. Leadership development is also essential to our future success in preparing productive and ethical global citizens. Through the Raymond A. Rich Institute for Leadership Development, we will engage leaders from different sectors and make a distinguished contribution to the field of leadership development. Our leadership development program will emphasize interpersonal communication, ethics, and global perspectives, ensuring that graduates of the College are prepared to serve as leaders in their professions, communities, and in society.

In order to develop leaders in a diverse, globally connected and culturally complex world, the Marist community must reflect the multifaceted elements of that world. Disparate geographies, cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and many other characteristics of diversity are all essential realities of the world our students prepare to enter. We recognize that a commitment to inclusiveness is important for the benefit of the institution and all of its members, and we dedicate ourselves to increasing, supporting, and celebrating diversity in all areas of the Marist community. Grounded in our heritage and history with the Marist Brothers, our values recognize the importance of community, and we carefully foster that sense of cohesion across all of our endeavors. As we expand the educational opportunities for our students through our campus locations around the globe and continue to innovate and lead in the field of online education, we realize that our success is closely tied to our sense of community. Strengthening our community in an interconnected world also requires that we continue to develop strategic alliances in the Hudson River Valley and around the world by engaging our network of institutional partners, as well as friends of the College, our faculty, parents, guidance counselors, students, and alumni.

Institutional excellence as a college is inexorably linked to our fiscal strength, and our stability in the current higher education environment is due to our commitment to that principle. Our continued growth in prestige and influence is only possible with careful management and diversification of fiscal resources.

Ultimately, our success depends upon an institutional ability to shape our future, hold true to our mission, and execute strategies that enable the attainment of our Goals. This Plan charts an exciting and challenging course into the future and provides a framework for creativity, innovation, and healthy growth. But in the end a Strategic Plan is only as effective as its implementation, and we as a community must commit to that process. With these principles in mind, we offer our strategic vision for the future of Marist College.