II.  Promote Innovation, Experimentation, and Creativity Throughout All Academic and Administrative Areas of the College.

  1. Support a campus culture that encourages and rewards experimentation and innovation.
  2. Experiment with new models of education delivery, methods for assessment, and certification of knowledge.
  3. Establish a method and process independent of regular operations that explores and nurtures emerging and forward-thinking opportunities that are consistent with our mission and values and have long-term revenue potential.
  4. Continually review opportunities for new markets and educational offerings in professional and graduate programs.
  5. Develop interdisciplinary courses and programs that promote integrated learning.
  6. Develop new pricing models responsive to student ability to pay.
  7. Streamline the process for developing new academic courses and programs.
  8. Use the Hancock Center to promote entrepreneurship and the economic development of small to mid-sized businesses.
  9. Broaden our efforts to capitalize on the Hudson River as an educational resource in such areas as history, ecology, environmental law, and public policy.
  10. Continue the College's efforts to implement environmentally sustainable practices and teach our students about lifelong environmental stewardship.
  11. Develop and provide for uses of space that promote creativity, diverse ideas, and collaboration.